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برای ثبت خاطرات خود در مورد کانون زبان  اینجا کلیک کنید تا پس از تایید در این بخش قرار گیرد.

I am M. H. bolour. I am a student of Race 4 . My teacher is Mr. ... . He is happy and he is very kind. I love him. He teaches very well. One day I sat near Obohat. Obhat called my cellphone, but it was not silent because I forgot to do it. Unfortunately, the teacher took my cell phone and also obohat's cell phone. After the class  my father and I went to Mrs. Ghafoori and we took the cell phone.

توسط: محمد حسین بلور

One day in my English class, I went to the class and sat near Mahmood (my classmate). Our teacher was teaching the new unit. He wanted to teach word time. He said repeat the new words after me. When we were repeating a word, he pointed to Mahmood and said "repeat cycle" but I thought he was pointing to me so Mahmood and I repeated together. He pointed again and we repeated together again because I thought he was pointing to me . But our teacher thought I was playing with him and gave me a negative and told me this negative will decrease 5 points from your quiz score and I was sad to the end of the class. When the class was finished I told him: "I thought you were pointing to  me" but he didn't believe me and I left the class and he hasn't erased my negative yet.

 توسط: Shayan J